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Lighter. Brighter. More even toned and more beautiful.

opalesce skin lightening capsules

Lighter. Brighter. More even toned and more beautiful.

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opalesce skin whitening capsules

Skin Lightening benefits

OPALESCE premium skin lightening capsules contain powerful natural ingredients that have been shown to have significant positive effects on skin tone and appearance, including reducing dark marks and melasma.

OPALESCE is a 100% natural, non-toxic product containing no GMO or animal-derived ingredients. It is considered safe for all patients and can transform how you see yourself – and how others see you.

OPALESCE is easy to take and is available from dermatologists, spas and beauty clinics without the need for a consultation or prescription.

OPALESCE is suitable for patients of all skin tones. It works as a natural sunscreen and melanin inhibitor, and can help prevent DNA damage.


Dark Spots

Treats dark spots on the skin.


Sun Protection

Provides enhanced sun protection.



Treats and prevents Melasma.

Skin Beauty from within

In contrast to topical preparations, OPALESCE provide all-over skin health and beauty benefits.

By providing enhanced sun protection, it can prevent the development of melasma and other skin-darkening conditions.









skin lightening supplement

Before & After

Join the Revolution

Because OPALESCE is a revolutionary new product, we understand that you may have questions before you use it. We’re happy to provide any information you may need – please click our FAQ link for answers to the most common questions that patients have asked.

If after reading through the FAQ section, you’d still like more information, please feel free to contact us.

Introducing our new complementary cleanser

Opalesce Creamy Glyco-Lactic Cleanser

The OPALESCE Creamy Glyco-Lactic Cleanser is formulated to stimulate cellular renewal and reveal smoother revitalised skin and a good complimentary product to our OPALESCE Skin Lightening Capsules.

OPALESCE Creamy Glyco-Lactic Cleanser is SLS free & perfect for all skin types. This cleanser boasts incredible exfoliating properties & is ideal for those wishing to improve the texture & appearance of their skin without altering their skin pH.

An added benefit is that this chemical exfoliation will strengthen the skin while increasing collagen and elastin production.

For Physicians

A premium approach to skin lightening – without prescription

As a physician treating skin complaints, you can recommend OPALESCE with confidence to patients who are looking for a lighter, brighter skin tone, to correct skin blemishes, or to prevent future skin damage.

OPALESCE contains the colourless carotenoids phytoene and phytofluene to enhance and augment the skin’s natural beauty from within.

Combats free radicals

OPALESCE also contains L-cysteine, the amino acid precursor to the antioxidant glutathione (GSH). Unlike the synthetic glutathione found in many skin lightening products, L-cysteine is readily absorbed by the gut and results in significantly higher levels of in vivo glutathione.

In addition to its antioxidant properties, glutathione lightens melanin by deactivating the enzyme tyrosinase, thereby reducing the pigment.

Sun Protection

After taking OPALESCE carotenoids, 65% of the volunteers had their natural skin SPF increased by 20% after 12 weeks. (Khachik F, et al. Pure & Appl. Chem., 63, 71-80, 2002).

Skin was also improved in term of roughness, suppleness, texture and tone evenness in 90 to 100% of the subjects. (Khachik, F. et al. Exp Biol Med 227, 845-851, 2002).

Proven effectiveness

Multiple studies have shown the effectiveness of OPALESCE and its active ingredients:

Reduction in existing melanin

Data shows that the carotenoids in OPALESCE reduce the existing melanin in melanoma cell culture by a very significant amount.

Skin repair and protection

Studies have demonstrated that these colourless carotenoids have powerful photoprotective and skin lightening effects.

They can make the skin visually healthier and more resistant to future sun and oxidative damage.


Additional Research

Fuller B.B., et al. J. Cos. Der.,
2006 March. 5(1):30

Khachik, F. et al. Exp BiolMed.,
227, 845-851, 2002

KhachikF, et al. Pure & Appl. Chem.,
63, 71-80, 2002


Click on the link below to download a detailed PDF presentation outlining the mechanism and benefits of OPALESCE.

Frequently Asked Questions


OPALESCE means to be bright or brilliant; to shimmer, sparkle or glow, and to be resplendent, dazzling and radiant. That’s exactly the effect this premium skin lightening product can have on your skin!

What are the active ingredients of OPALESCE?

OPALESCE is a 100% natural, GMO-free and vegan-friendly product containing potent colourless carotenoids and L-cysteine, a natural precursor to glutathione. The daily amounts (total for the three daily capsules) are:

  • Colourless carotenoids – 840mg
  • L-cysteine – 510mg (over ten times the amount found in some other skin lightening capsules)
How does OPALESCE work?

Colourless carotenoids – derived from hybrid white tomatoes – provide multiple skin health and beauty benefits:

  • Provide protection against skin damage caused by the sun (including melasma) and environmental factors;
  • Can encourage a lighter, more even skin tone;
  • Promote a more youthful complexion;
  • Inhibit the synthesis of melanin (which causes darker skin tone and melasma);
  • Help to naturally control skin pigmentation and darkening; and
  • Can reduce inflammation and skin damage.

Colourless carotenoids have been shown to make the skin more radiant, better hydrated and more supple, with a more even tone.

L-cysteine is an amino acid that helps your body to produce glutathione, a very powerful antioxidant. L-cysteine is easily absorbed by your gut, meaning that much more glutathione becomes available for your body to use. This is important because glutathione:

  • Can combat dangerous free radicals;
  • Helps to boost your immune system;
  • Helps to purge toxins from your body; and
  • Can promote skin lightening.
Is OPALESCE effective against melasma?
Yes, OPALESCE has been shown to reduce the darker skin coloration associated with melasma. As it provides natural photoprotection, it can also help prevent the reoccurrence of the signs of melasma.
Who should take OPALESCE?

OPALESCE is designed to help you achieve a brighter, lighter complexion and to correct skin blemishes. It is an ideal treatment for melasma and can help reverse sun damage, while providing protection against further damage.

How long should I take OPALESCE for?

This will vary from patient to patient. Many patients see results within 1 – 2 months. Stopping taking OPALESCE can cause skin blemishes to gradually return, so long-term use for skin tone maintenance is recommended.

What form does OPALESCE come in?

OPALESCE is sold in bottles of 90 capsules. The recommended dose is three capsules per day, taken orally. Each bottle therefore provides 30 days’ supply of OPALESCE skin lightening capsules.

How much does OPALESCE cost?

The recommended retail price for OPALESCE is R1 800.00 per 90-capsule bottle. This equates to just R60.00 per day.

Why is OPALESCE more expensive than some other products?

Cheaper skin lightening products are available, but many of these contain synthetic glutathione which cannot be absorbed by your gut. This means that it never becomes bioavailable and is ultimately flushed from your body as a waste product. In other words, skin lightening products based on synthetic glutathione are ineffective and a waste of money, even if they appear to offer better value.

Where can I buy OPALESCE?

OPALESCE is available from leading dermatologists, spas and beauty therapists. Alternatively, click here to purchase OPALESCE online.

Do I need a prescription?

OPALESCE is classed as a ‘dietary supplement’ so no prescription is required.

Has OPALESCE been approved by the Medicines Council of SA?

As OPALESCE is classed as a ‘dietary supplement’, no approval is required. However, colourless carotenoids have been classified as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the US FDA, the European Food Safety Authorities and other regulatory agencies.

In addition, the EU Scientific Committee for Food has concluded that L-cysteine is safe as a food additive.

Are there any side-effects?

OPALESCE has no known side-effects. During clinical trials, colourless carotenoids did not demonstrate any side-effects. Taking extra capsules would have the same effect as eating an extra tomato. OPALESCE has been tested in multiple clinical trials and has been shown to be effective and safe.  

Will taking OPALESCE change the colour of my skin?

Because OPALESCE contains colourless carotenoids, it does not affect the colour of your skin. Alternative products that contain red or orange carotenoids can cause your skin to take on an orange hue.  

Where is OPALESCE manufactured?

The powder content of OPALESCE capsules is manufactured in licensed factories in Europe, and then placed in capsules here in South Africa.


Natural Extracts

The potent natural extracts in OPALESCE include colourless carotenoids and L-Cysteine for proven skin health and beauty benefits thanks to their powerful antioxidant properties.

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